What social network works the best for your business

It all starts with who your customers are and where they spend the most time.

On Facebook you are successful to promote:

  • New/ innovative products that people don’t even know exist (this is how you generate interest in these products)
  • Other products such as: clothes, jewelry, cosmetics, toys, electronics and appliances, furniture and other home products, gadgets, courses, books, etc.
  • Local businesses: restaurants, bars, clubs, leisure areas
  • Events (cultural, sports, entertainment)
  • Opportunities for business on Facebook:
  • Creating customer groups (communities)
  • Collecting reviews
  • The possibility of using various creative elements in promotion (texts, images, videos, video montages, sliders, instant experiences, etc.)
  • Scheduling posts directly from Facebook


  • This is where the way your Feed looks matters.
  • The more you invest in visually organizing your content and creating interesting posts, the more followers you will be able to attract.
  • As a rule, in order to have an interesting Instagram account and an attractive feed, it is good to take into account a few criteria such as: choosing a content theme (food, fashion, beauty, travel, etc.), the filters used and a specific template.
  • The most suitable fields for promotion on Instagram are: fashion, beauty, entertainment, sport and business development.


  • Unlike Instagram, where the focus is on visual content, Twitter is all about text.
  • In some countries it is not a very popular social network and there are many accounts that are either inactive or passive.
  • From a business promotion point of view, Twitter is a good way to do PR and provide customer support.
  • Take advantage of this opportunity and be the first to notify customers on Twitter of market changes.
  • As a general rule, this is what you should do on Twitter.
  • Of course, you can promote your products or announce a new promotional campaign, but you don’t have to be aggressive and you don’t have to tweet only information about yourself.


  • If your business offers services or products in the B2B sphere and you believe that promoting on social networks does not help you, LinkedIn is the strongest counter-argument.
  • This social network focuses on business, communication between businesses and communication between businesses and employees, business and customers business and media, business and all its stakeholders.
  • LinkedIn is the best place where you can promote your services and products in the B2B sphere, but also the best place to find the employees you are looking for.
  • It’s the social network for professionals.
  • LinkedIn is the second most popular social network and represents a wide opening market for businesses operating in the B2B sphere.
  • But unfortunately it is not used to its maximum capacity.
  • Few businesses promote themselves here compared to other social networks. This is primarily due to higher promotion costs.
  • Although it is more expensive to promote yourself here, the traffic and leads are much more qualified, i.e. more relevant to your business if you are active in the B2B sphere.
  • A second reason is the fact that here you no longer have a boost post and promotion becomes a little more complicated.


  • For those who don’t know, YouTube isn’t just for funny videos and music videos. It’s more than that.
  • For business it is a social network that helps to present products/ services but also presents a friendlier side.
  • Here you can upload videos in which you explain the correct way to use your products, the benefits they have but also demonstrate to customers how they work.
  • You can have Tips &Tricks sessions, backstage videos and more.
  • For a video to be successful, it must meet several criteria:
  • be SEO optimized – have a relevant title, description, be in the right category and use relevant hashtags;
  • to be intuitive – use texts on the video, especially for the frame in the thumbnail, so it will be easier to understand what the video is about, plus it’s “eye catching”;
  • be of good clarity – we have passed the time when the clarity of the video did not matter; now people will choose to watch videos that have a quality image;
  • be well edited – it is not enough just to be filmed at a good resolution, but it is also important to be edited in a professional way; editing tricks will help you fast forward the long and irrelevant moments and get to what’s important faster;
  • have an optimal length – it’s wrong if you think that short videos are successful, but too long ones don’t bother us either, so try to make videos that people don’t get bored;
  • be relevant and interesting – the content of the video can determine its success; maybe although it is not optimized to be easily discovered by users, if the content is very good it will be distributed organically, and that will attract more and more views;
  • be original – don’t do what others are doing just because they are successful. Try to find yourself new things that your potential customers would be interested in;
  • include CTA – if you managed to create a good video, invite people to follow you or enter your website. Don’t let them escape!
  • The videos you upload should be helping people, not selling to them. Every video should provide value, help subscribers and generate interactions.
  • If you decide to use YouTube to promote your business, you need to know one more thing: success does not come immediately. It takes a little patience for the results to appear, so don’t be disappointed if you don’t have 1000 subscribers from the first month.


  • This social network is one that I personally discovered 2 years ago as an effective means of promotion for businesses.
  • Pinterest is a network mostly populated by women looking for inspiration for various everyday activities: from cooking, gardening, parenting, personal care, fashion, but also for organizing their own wedding.
  • Of course, you’ll also find other content on Pinterest, such as marketing materials, DIYs, and more.
  • Many don’t know that optimizing your Pinterest account also helps you appear in search engines and not just on the platform itself.
  • In other words, if you do a good job on Pinterest, you also show up on Google.
  • I would like to draw your attention to other mistakes that are made in promoting on Pinterest, in addition to ignoring the SEO potential:
  • only your own content is pinned – it’s great to create your own content, but when you pin interesting images you have a very high chance of attracting followers who have pinned that content, plus it’s important to generate engagement through providing relevant, interesting content for potential customers
  • no CTAs (Call to Actions) are used – invite pinners to visit your site for more information
  • there are no contests – not only on Facebook and Instagram contests are good, but also on Pinterest you can think of a contest where the goal is to get as many pins as possible.
  • the prices are not published – if you have an online store and there are people who like your product images, don’t be shy to put the price, in some cases it can be a determining factor for them to buy.

Tik Tok

  • Tik Tok is suitable for businesses that want to build customer communities, increase their awareness and entertain their customers.
  • With the help of Challenges you can involve customers in promoting your business. Thus Tik Tok becomes a good medium for viral marketing.
  • Here are some ideas of what you can do on Tik Tok to promote your business:
  • adopt challenges – try to see how you can involve your business in content that is already successful;
  • create new challenges – be creative and find new ideas for funny content that can be easily picked up by your potential customers;
  • collaborate with Tik Tok influencers in promoting your business;
  • create lenses for your business – like on Snapchat, create 2D or 3D lenses for others to use;
  • use Brand Takeovers* to drive people to your site.
    *Brand Takeovers are full screen creatives, videos or images, with an advertising role that appear as soon as users open the application.

In addition to these social networks that I have presented to you, there are many others such as WhatsApp, Viber, Reddit, Quora or others that are less known.
Just because you’ve created a profile for your business, that doesn’t come with potential customers. It is necessary to have a well-developed strategy and be consistent.
As objectives of organic promotion we can mention:

  • awareness, sales promotion, engagement, retention, creation of a customer community, information, entertainment, etc.
  • they can be funny, informative, inspirational, tips&tricks and many more posts.

In organic promotion, perhaps the most important thing after content is consistency.
Once inside the choir, you have to play!

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