Tricks and tips you need to know about social media management (2022)

It’s well known that:

  • Tweets with images receive 150% more retweets than tweets without images
  • Facebook posts with images see 2.3 times more engagement than those without images
  • Instagram Carousel has 5.13% higher engagement than a single-image or single-video post
  • 51% of B2B buyers do content research to decide what to buy
  • Only 31% of marketers still find the classic means of offline promotion effective
  • 87% of us do research online before buying something physically in a store
  • 88% of US businesses use content marketing or content marketing
  • 75% of marketers want to increase investment in content marketing
  • Consistent content creators saw a 7.8x increase in site traffic over the rest
  • A 2021 study shows that 90% of people who have access to the internet use social media

So, what does a visual content creation package include? Here are some of the activities:

  • Designing social posts from scratch
  • Photographing happy customer reviews
  • Creating promotional banners
  • Building custom infographic
  • Filming short videos for Stories, Reels, and TikTok

Social Media Marketing is effective for business if it is done consistently and customer-oriented, and especially if it is based on a well-designed strategy. Social Media Marketing can help you increase your business awareness, attract potential customers and generate sales.

Why exactly do you have to take into account

Editorial plan – we maintain a constant frequency of posts, following different lines of relevant content and in tune with the communication strategy.

Tone of voice – your brand will communicate on social networks just like in real conversations. The values of the brand will be found in its unique way of expressing itself.

Social media listening – we analyze the important topics that your customers prefer and develop content on these topics. We always keep up to date with the news in the field.

Customer relations – by managing your pages, we constantly monitor fan comments and respond as quickly as possible to help them and clarify their dilemmas. We quickly respond to their messages with suggestions and links to the website. Each interaction is an opportunity to deepen relations with customers.

Impact measurement – we track community reactions and the closest fans who can turn into brand advocates. We identify the type of content that has been well received by your audience, as well as new topics of interest that appear on the horizon.

What does a social media account manager do?

  • Learn all about the promoted products and services;
  • Research the competition;
  • Check where the business is at and how it has been promoted on all known marketing channels;
  • Identify the target audience;
  • Determine what stage customers or potential customers are in: have they heard of this business before, have they bought before, have they interacted with the brand so far?;
  • Create a business growth plan through social media that includes realistic and actionable objectives;
  • Establish specific strategies by which those objectives can be achieved;
  • Plan promotional campaigns;
  • Identifies the right platforms for business promotion;
  • Create relevant content that brings value to customers;
  • Participates with proposals and feedback in the realization of the design for various advertisements;
  • Set up an editorial calendar for posting content;
  • Establish and maintain a similar mode of communication (tone of voice) on all social networks, and not only;
  • Post on Facebook, Instagram and other platforms;
  • Test various strategies;
  • Monitor website and social media traffic;
  • Follow the evolution of campaigns and analyze their results;
  • Adapt content based on what works;
  • Monitor brand reputation;
  • Communicate with people who have questions or leave comments;
  • Read and respond to reviews;
  • Know the latest trends in social media;
  • Participate in events and meetings with people who are part of the community;
  • Communicates and coordinates the team he is part of.

One of the most important aspects of social media marketing is the copywriting. You need to know what need or wish your product fulfills.

  • People don’t buy 2 inch drill bits, they buy 2 inch wall holes.
  • People don’t buy 1 TB hard drives, they buy 1 million songs.
  • People don’t buy 1000 mAh external battery, they buy watching movies for 10 hours.
  • People don’t buy aluminum frame mountain bikes, they buy a bike lighter than a purse.
  • People don’t buy jewelry, they buy gifts for loved ones.

Your mission is to first identify what is the fundamental reason why the person buys your product/ service. Only then will you focus on how you communicate this.

What metrics do we follow in social media?

  • Broadly speaking, based on the objectives that we can set for any promotion campaign, we have the following indicators that we can measure:
  • impact/ impressions
  • interactions (like, share, comment, views)
  • clicks
  • posts
  • conversions (adds to cart, leads, order completions, purchases, etc.)

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