Optimize Your WordPress – 5 Ways to

WordPress is an excellent platform to use if you want to run your own blog. It’s structure and design enables it to get very good results in the search engines. However it can still be improved further, so here’s 5 simple WordPress SEO tips:

Create keyword rich post titles.

It’s important to note that you don’t just want to write posts for your regular readers because you want to attract many new readers as well. So, to do this, you want to write post titles that contain the keywords relating to the content that you have just written.

Create permalink structure.

It’s open to debate which permalink structure is the best for SEO purposes. But whichever one you choose you must use one which includes the title of the post within the URL. It’s no good creating keyword rich titles if they don’t actually show up in the URL for that particular post. So this is an absolute must.

Install the All-In-One SEO plugin.

There are a few SEO plugins that all do pretty much the same thing but this is the one I personally use. It basically enables you to create fully optimize your WordPress blog posts. You can list keywords and tags for each post and you can also arrange the title and meta descriptions for every one of your posts. Plus you can also ‘nofollow’ certain pages on your blog so overall it’s a very useful plugin.

Install the Google Sitemaps plugin.

This is another plugin that I recommend using for all your WordPress blogs. It basically allows you to automatically submit your pages to Google whenever you create new posts on your blog. So you therefore know that Google will always be indexing your site.

Build lots of backlinks.

Finally you should of course create lots of backlinks to your site. This is arguably the most important point because you need lots of backlinks to compete for the more popular keywords. If you can combine both on-page and off-page SEO techniques then you should have a very popular blog on your hands.

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